IT’S A CONSPIRACY. It has to be, there’s no other explanation. We are now in July, another year half gone. But where has it disappeared to? Have you noticed how the years are racing by at an ever-increasing rate of knots? And the momentum is building; blink your eyes and another year has ticked by.

Is this a problem? Hell, yes, – it means we are rapidly approaching ‘the Twilight Zone.’ Forget any mid-life crisis scenario, I must have slept through that. Wait, a little voice is whispering in my ear. “Your midlife crisis was when you caught the writing bug.” Okay, I might have received the calling a little late, but that was no crisis.


Maybe the Twilight Zone isn’t as scary as it sounds. I recall a 90-year-old billionaire marrying a gorgeous twenty-something-year-old girl. And what about Hugh Hefner who exemplified ‘you are only as old as you feel.’ Unfortunately, I might have an issue, my bank balance looks decidedly dismal compared to those two. A couple of quotes spring to mind.

‘Money can’t buy you happiness.’ Really? I’d put money on – it sure would make being miserable a lot more pleasant.

And when a billionaire was asked how having money had impacted on his life, he replied. “Money’s not important unless of course, you don’t have any.”


I’ve just thought of a solution to my financial dilemma. I need to sell a million or so books. Let’s start with you! About now I should add a link to my books, but I don’t want you wandering off and missing the following ‘pearls of wisdom.’


We still have our galloping time issue. Someone is fiddling with the clock. Who do I blame? Donald Trump? Vladimir Putin? Or is it the little rocket man, Kim Jong Somebody? The three unlikely bedfellows appear to have formed an unnatural mutual admiration clique. Very scary.

Space Rocket Travel Science Sky Abstract P


 HEALTH is always in many people’s minds. Maybe it’s their fruitless search for eternal youth. Another quote springs to mind – some Indian Guru. ‘Life is a terminal disease.’ There is a plethora of conflicting information or should that read misinformation. Eat this and it will cause cancer, or heart disease or maybe diabetes. Or if it manages to get the tick of approval and is good for your heart you can bet your bottom dollar it will be cacogenic.


 I’m no expert but my conclusion is if something tastes good some killjoy posing as an informed expert will decide it is bad for your health. I even heard ice cream and chocolate should be avoided or consumption limited. That’s bordering on blasphemy. And I suspect the health benefits attributed to vegetables such as broccoli and kale is just another malicious fallacy perpetrated by persons with a sadistic personality.


BUT the real issue I have is the rampant changes being imposed on us especially those IT related. Imagine our grandparents or great-grandparents being dropped into today’s world. They would think they had landed on another planet. This leads me to recall an article I wrote for a local publication – they had a gap to fill.




 In this modern age of digital devices, many of our Senior Citizens and even many waiting in the wings to join this illustrious group suffer from technology overload. Perhaps that’s a generous assessment. We’ve all heard of kids suffering from A.D.D. (attention deficit disorder), but have you heard of T.D.D. (technology deficit disorder)? And it’s not limited exclusively to those who qualify for Grey Power membership even if they are over-represented.

An old retired women with circular glasses in a black and white close-up macro portrait.

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.’ Not true, yes you can, it just takes many hours of repetitive schooling, and bucket loads of patience. Unfortunately, after numerous years of absorbing all manner of important facts, practices, and information our senior citizen’s memory banks are full to overflowing and retaining any new technology becomes challenging. Their hard drives are in serious danger of meltdown and refresher courses have become essential. Most of our Senior Citizens have conquered emails and internet banking, they have even embraced smartphones and I Pads, albeit with a few hiccups along the way. But just as they are smugly congratulating themselves on how technically savvy they are, some damned smart young geek comes up with some new undecipherable product which performs some nondescript activity that most ‘normal’ people had never dreamt of.

If all this hasn’t triggered high blood pressure don’t forget that everything you now do on the ‘Net’ requires a password. You are advised to change your password regularly and never, never write it down. The IT whizz kids have obviously never suffered from M.R.D. Yes, that’s a new one – memory retention disorder. We can all understand the necessity of passwords for internet banking and maybe accounts where we make online purchases, but the password requirement is everywhere. Anyone wishing to hack my telco or electricity account is welcome to my password. It’s ‘STUPID,’ while you’re there you may as well make a payment!

To solve the password retention problem, you could follow some basic simple rules. Yes, you could use ‘INCORRECT’ as your password, that way when you enter a password the prompt will read your password is ‘incorrect.’ To simplify the issue what springs to mind when you ask yourself the question ‘what’s my damned password?’ An option might be ‘cantremember,’ or simply ‘Iforget,’ but why not ‘forgotten?’ Invariably under the log in box, there is a message – forgotten your password.


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