A Supercilious Seed


Is writing an addiction?  Is there a writing bug circulating around the globe? Three million plus titles on Amazon surely means something. And how do writers come up with the inspiration for their next masterpiece? From a personal viewpoint, my mind is always ticking over. I hear an innocuous comment, I read something, maybe a newsclip catches my attention. I then dissect, manipulate, add my own spin and ‘Hey Presto’ a fledgling germ of an idea pops into my rampant brain. I quickly jot down a paragraph, a page, or a chapter or two before the moment leaves me. For example take a look at ‘A Supercilious Seed,’ a short extract concocted from fresh air.


writer at typewriter



I’m a seed, not just any seed, I’m special. I’ve lain dormant all winter, but is that so surprising? After all, there are animals in the colder climates that hibernate for the winter months, so why not a seed? My peaceful equilibrium is aroused by the warming soil cocooning my soft shell. Its time, spring has sprung. I drink a generous mouthful of lukewarm spring rain. I feel my body gently swelling, a tender shoot emerges and races skyward. A bubbling, euphoria envelopes me, I am about to burst into the sunlight, to issue a statement to all the other plants. They have competition.
And this is a competition that will leave them green with envy. Yes, of course, they are already green, but it is a wishy-washy hue they display. The winter months they have endured above ground has hardened their leaves, the biting southerly gales have twisted and contorted their struggling bodies. I don’t mean to sound conceited or smug, but facts are facts. It is undeniable, I am a fine specimen of a plant. My leaves are shiny and healthy, I have a vigour that has to be seen to be believed. Very soon I will have grown so large that I will starve my surrounding neighbours of any meaningful sunshine. They will wither and struggle while I grow stronger and healthier by the minute.
Already I sense I have caught their attention, their furtive glances in my direction are a dead giveaway. Do I feel any pity or sympathy for their plight? No, all I am experiencing is a contemptuous indifference. I am about to make my mark in this world. If there were a plant Olympics I would be heading straight to the podium.
Yes, I can hear them whispering, I know it’s about me, jealousy is a fine thing. It will be amusing to eavesdrop on their murmurings. Listen to them.
“Why is it here?”
“Who is it?”
“What is it?”
Why are they laughing? No, it’s more of a snigger. What did they call me? Yes, there’s no mistaking, they’re saying I’m a WEED!

weeds for sale

Okay, A little bit of light-hearted nonsense, I like to have a bit of fun. But it does give a glimpse of my writing prowess. Want to sample more – perhaps you’re not ready for a full-length novel? I have three short novelettes on Electric Eclectic. While you’re there take a look at all Electric Eclectic’s stable of talented authors. A  pot pouri of genres to wet your taste buds.  https://paulznewpostbox.wixsite.com/eebooks

MY three offerings on ELECTRIC ECLECTIC:

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1 thought on “A Supercilious Seed

  1. Julie McCoy

    I have a question about your book I believe I should not post in public. Could you send me an email so I can ask away?
    Oops, I’ve been a little slow responding – OK, worse than that – my excuse, I’ve been busy moving house and I haven’t kept up with my site. Sorry. On the bright side better late than never -maybe!



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