Don’t Read This.

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You’ve ignored my advice, curiosity has won, you couldn’t resist a sneak peek. I’ve been guilty of clicking on sites I have no real interest in, out of curiosity. Okay, maybe a mild curiosity but only to broaden my knowledge! If you believe that you’ll believe anything. The downside is your interest automatically registers with similar sites, suddenly your computer screen bombards you with pop up ads for all manner of suspect sites. And beware of viruses. What deranged person would get pleasure from inflicting pain on others – and it is painful, totally frustrating and can be expensive. Luckily, I have only had to deal with this once – I still don’t know the cause of my dilemma. Serves you right you might be thinking. Similar problems can infect your junk email box. It’s not uncommon for me to find 50 unread emails in my junk box. I ignore 99% of them, but very occasionally an offer might catch my attention.



This is not what I was wanting to talk about, it’s a headline to catch your attention. Now for the real message.


Two subjects which you should never talk about at a social gathering (and I class this blog in that category) are politics and religion. But I couldn’t resist even though my knowledge of both subjects is highly suspect. Okay, scrap religion, let’s talk politics, that’s got you sitting upright. One word says it all, DONALD TRUMP. I don’t even live in Trump Land – there’s Trump Tower, Donald seems to have a panache for plastering his name on everything he touches, and he sure has shaken up U S politics. Make that world politics. All the old rules have been relegated to the rubbish bin, what is said today may have no relevance tomorrow, fact and fiction have become so blurred that I think even Donald is confused.

In my tiny part of the world, Donald still manages to dominate headlines, what a Godsend for the media. I have to say the message portrayed is almost unanimously negative, not that Trump will lose any sleep over that. I await with bated breath to see if he manages to secure a second term in office. That’s it, I nothing further to add, it’s all been said before by those infinitely more knowledgeable than I. My opinion doesn’t count, I don’t get a vote. I’m just a bemused casual observer.



I feel they have in many cases lost the plot, they have lost any semblance of neutrality. I’m talking about our local media but suspect it is a worldwide trend. Here they don’t just report the news, in many cases they make the news. Moments after an interview they pick a small segment (usually an answer to a question to sensationalize) as their lead story which totally misrepresents the tone of the interview. Oops, I’ve obviously become a cynic.

Several quotes spring to mind.

The written word is mightier than the sword

Mmm, maybe, possibly.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.

Really, what about all the text bullying that is rife today?


I have the solution. Turn off the TV newscasts, they’ll only depress you. Ignore the newspaper, it’s only FAKE news. Grab a good book and let your senses run wild. I know your next question, where can I find a riveting good read? Silly you, check out my website and if it’s a scintillating short novelette. Electric Eclectic is custom made for you.



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