Friendship, Murder, Love, Deception and a fire and brimstone preacher whose favorite sermon theme is ‘those that sin will suffer ‘eternal damnation’.

How do you avenge your dead parents when the perpetrator is untouchable? He controls the town , he manipulates the law to do his bidding. This is the virtually insurmountable hurdle facing Ethan complicated by the fact he has fallen in love with the man’s daughter.

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Take a large dose of a suspense thriller, add in a mysterious accident or is it a cold-blooded murder? Exact the most spine-chilling revenge imaginable. Dust with a sprinkling of romance. All co-exist surrounded by swirling series of family crisis. The captivating result, Broken Wings.

Comments: “A cracking read. A strong story, fully rounded characters and the pacing is fine.”

“Your storyline is good – a lovely story.”     Amazon  Smashwords   Nook   Apple


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Craig returns home from a business trip to an

Ian-Welch_CONSPIRACYempty house. His wife has left him. Then I complicate everything. His boss is hiding a dark secret and now someone wants him dead. Nothing makes sense.

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“This is a fast-moving novel involving drug trafficking and money laundering. I enjoyed the novel, the plot and the ending. It was unusual, fast-moving and fascinating.”





Betrayed by his best friend, jilted by the girl he should have married, Zack stumbles into a hornet’s nest of intrigue. A belligerent cop, framed for a crime he did not commit, and a criminal underworld combine to thwart Zack’s attempts to clear his name.


“Hats off to the author for keeping me spellbound.”

“The book grabbed me from the very start. The suspense kept me wanting more.”

“Ian Welch has a wonderful story-telling way of keeping the reader engaged and wanting more.”

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Target – Prendergast Uncovered

I had an idea to write something different. Not a James Bond or a Jason Bourne novel. Bradshaw Prendergast is a society dropout, he lives in his own world. He loves parties, girls, and surfing in no particular order. A beach bum says his Dad.

 Carrick Fitzgerald is an aging IRA operative working to his own secret agenda. The two have never met, that’s about to change. Carrick and Brad are on a collision course.



Throw in a plot to execute a horrific terrorist act, a personal vendetta, and of course a pretty girl.



 “An intriguing plot and the characters are as equally intriguing.”

“What a fun story. A great plot, well written, tense, exciting, suspenseful.”

“Nicely paced with strong characters and a great plot.”

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Firestrike – Prendergast Uncompromised

The second Brad Prendergast action-filled novel to spill from the pen of suspense writer Ian Welch.

Brad answers an SOS, a tale of intrigue and deception unfolds. What is the CIA Ian-Welch_PU_FIRESTRIKE-Prendergast-Uncompromised--3-_m0doscr9hiding? 
What does Brad Prendergast, a beach bum surfer have in common with ‘Angel’, an aggrieved Islamic woman with revenge on her mind? Jefferson Sainsbury, head of CIA operations has the answer but he is working to his own secretive agenda. Firestrike is a top-secret CIA / Homelands security operation.


“The action never stops.”

“The plot drew me right in and held me through to the end.”

“This is a fast-paced, riveting read, I look forward to the next Prendergast book.”

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