Electric Eclectic Novelettes

We all know the challenge of finding your next exciting book to read. With over 3 million titles on Amazon, where do you begin? ELECTRIC ECLECTIC is designed to help you make more informed decisions.

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ELECTRIC ECLECTIC is an exciting new site showcasing a select group of handpicked authors,’ wares. Each author submits for appraisal their unique short stories (novelettes) for inclusion. The guesswork for selecting your next scintillating read is now so much easier.  And all for a universal minimal price of $1, £1.

My three contributions to date. Each has an unexpected twist, guaranteed to entertain.

chantillylace EE

CHANTILLY LACE is a cheeky response to some friend’s query ‘where is your Fifty Shades of Grey.’

Chris is in love, Amanda is beautiful and sensuous, but she’s married. Her bodybuilding husband is now looking for Chris.

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Brandon feels life is passing him by, he only has three simple wishes. To own a nice car, to have a big house and to find a girl to share it all with. He’s failing on all three counts. A short break in Las Vegas may be the catalyst he needs to turn his life around. Or is it the worst decision he has ever made?

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Scarlett can’t remember the accident or the events leading up to it. But she does remember Travis, he’s real, he’s not a hallucination. Why doesn’t anyone believe her?