What’s coming up

I usually have several new projects stored ln my laptop awaiting my attention. If an inspiration for a story grabs my attention I like to write a page or chapter before I forget. Some I come back to, others sit there in suspended time. PHANTOM FOOTPRINTS is one example – the final novella is totally different to my original intention.


ETERNAL DAMNATION – Vendetta has been revamped from the original

                                                                                                                                            steaknight (2) The 1860s Goldrush is sweeping around the globe. Treachery and suspect law enforcement abound. Young Ethan finds himself alone on the other side of the world, his parents’ spectacular demise haunts him. He needs to unravel the truth before he becomes another victim.

Due for release in late 2018.


PRENDERGAST will return:

A third Prendergast is simmering away in the melting pot. Wynard’s family are hiding a dark secret. Is the past about to catch up?