Has it ever crossed your mind, ‘I wish I was a little smarter?’ Wouldn’t it be great to have an IQ like an Albert Einstein? You could be a rocket scientist, or maybe a commuter whiz who has just developed a new APP which is taking the world by storm. Imagine sitting back in a deck chair on some sun-soaked tropical beach sipping on a Pina colada. And the best part, money keeps pouring into your bank account and you don’t even have to lift a finger. Okay, maybe occasionally to have another sip of your delicious drink.

If this sedentary lifestyle doesn’t suit, what about a more challenging career choice. You could be a medical researcher who has just discovered an earth-shattering new medical cure. Your peers would gaze at you with an unabashed reverence. Your name has been shortlisted to receive a Nobel prize for services to medical science.

STOP, wait, hold it. Be very careful what you wish for. Brilliance is only a whisker away from INSANITY.

Now, what if I told you I can be all of the above, and achieved with my only mediocre IQ. Yes, that’s right, I’m serious, I’m a writer. I can conjure up any number of mouthwatering scenarios. The only limitation is my imagination. I can be transported into a magical mysterious world with a few clicks on my keyboard. But I’m a generous person and don’t want to keep all this for myself, you are welcome to share my adventure. https://www.iangwelch.com/

Have you taken a peek at Electric Eclectic? There’s something for everyone, talented authors showcasing their wares in a variety of genres. Click on the emblem. Exciting things are happening.

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