Six for one, half a dozen the other. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. What on earth am I rambling on about you might ask? Let me explain, as a writer my mission statement is to sell books, hopefully, lots of books so I can sit back in blissful contentment basking in glory with a bulging bank account. Yes, writing is a passion, almost a labour of love but I‘m human, I thrive on feedback, an acknowledgment that my efforts are appreciated by readers.

Here’s the rub, us writers are small fish swimming in a vast ocean, being noticed, let alone read is challenging. Most writers are not marketers, some resort to desperate measures. I’ll make my book free, people will read it and think, ‘yes, I need to sample more of that reader’s fine work.’ History shows us that doesn’t often work, yes, the free books might be downloaded, but only a small percentage ever get read. Writing is a time-consuming exercise, it can be argued free books devalues not only your efforts but also fellow indie writers works.

Okay, that’s the downside, but as a writer I want my books to be read. Why bother writing if they stagnate on a bookshelf, a computer hard-drive, gathering cobwebs. Against my better judgment I’ve joined the ever-growing crowd, I have a free book. Actually, I have two free books, but there’s a small catch. To grab my second novelette (not available for purchase) you have to sign up for my ‘Reader’s Collective mail list.’ It’s not that bad, you will not be inundated with spam, just an occasional update, a glimpse into my fractured thought processes, and of course special deals. Yes, you can remove your email contact at any time.



BOOK 1 -Prendergast series

Here’s what I’m offering: Target – Prendergast Uncovered, almost a spy thriller, a hint of a love story, but not really stepping up to the mark on both counts. I wanted to write something different, a reluctant hero, a beach bum surfer who stumbles into a hornet’s nest. Inside Target is a link to the free novelette.  ‘Only the Good go to Heaven.’ This is the ONLY way you can obtain this fun story, you don’t want to miss this limited opportunity. What have you got to lose, grab your copy of both books before I have a change of heart?


Target available from:

Amazon   Smashwords   Nook   Apple


Monochrome Thriller Wattpad Cover

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